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Hey there! My name is Alexander MacMichael, I specialize in ideation and crafting suites of graphics usually one on one with client. I have worked majority with smaller businesses to make initial strong brand identities, ensuring recognition within the community.


Always looking to branch out to larger operations, I bring fresh perspective and tact to the workplace, making myself easy to work with on any project. Communication is key in the business of design and my enjoyment in creating graphics stems from critical thinking and getting to sandbox ideas till it's something the client enjoys thoroughly.


With a degree in Motion Design from Savannah College of Art and Design I was taught networking to ensure my fellow designers are heard and the project goal is met. My software knowledge includes the Adobe Suite (5+ years), Microsoft Office (5+ years), AutoCAD (2+ years), Cinema4D (<1 year). I have background in manufacturing with such tools as CNC tables, large scale laser cutters, large format printers, and a variety of power tools like table saws, jigsaws, drill presses, etc.

Whatever I lack within my skill base I am always willing to learn, such as AutoCAD, purposed toward the job I am at currently, not having any knowledge when taking on the job but yielding a good start given the weekend before I started and is now part of my every day software tool belt.

My hobbies include: Video Games, Outdoor Activities, and 3D Printing

If you'd like to get ahold of me, please feel free to contact me at:

Thank you for stopping by, make sure to exit through the gift shop!

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